Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Teaser Tuesday, Writing Prompts and a New Genre - at least for me!

I know it's after midnight and technically already Wednesday on the East Coast, but in the Southwest it's only 10:30 p.m. and I just got home from our monthly SCBWI schmooze about half an hour ago and decided to post on a whim.

We have a new schmooze coordinator, Brian Herrera (a new writer, new to SCBWI, but very talented and very nice) and discussed various topics for the year for our schmoozes. I met lots of new people and chatted with old friends and we are now starting a pre-schmooze schmooze with dinner beforehand so we all have more time to talk and visit which we all think is a GREAT IDEA!!! And I got to eat pizza so that is always good.

Which brings me to this . . . at the end of the schmooze Brian gave us a 3x5 card and a writing prompt and had us write for ONLY FIVE MINUTES. Because there were only six minutes left of our time, of course.

I usually do *not* like writing prompts because I feel like I'm forcing words or thoughts when I have a blank mind because I've been busy doing/thinking about other things, but tonight my 5 minutes of words turned out fairly interesting.

I started writing a Victorian paranormal fantasy thing . . . I think.

So I'll share because I'm open and confident like that. Ahem.

The writing prompt was: The window opens . . .

The window opens and I perch with bare feet on the sill, toes gripping the smooth oak ledge. The air is sharp, there's a breeze blowing in from the North Sea. My black hair lifts, tickling my neck as my nightgown drifts against my ankles.

Down below me in the castle courtyard, a team of horses suddenly arrive in the circular drive, pulling a carriage.

I waver on my feet, stuffing down the urge to let go .

I'll have to fly tomorrow night. 


StinkyLulu said...

Hi Kimberly.
(This is Brian H)
Thanks for the kind words about the schmooze. It was great to have you there!

And THANKS for sharing your response to the prompt!

I love the way such little details -- North Sea, black hair, castle courtyard, carriage -- opens the period and location. And the pairing of those last two lines -- is she going to jump? no - she can FLY?!? -- is so very cool.

Until next time!

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Thanks for commenting, Brian, and the kudos on the writing prompt! THANK YOU for the prompt. I may have begun a whole new novel that night!



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