Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Brain is falling out of my ears!

Hey everybody - it's been 29 days since my last confession - I mean - um, my last blog. A blog POST. Yep. Okay.

Three trips, three weddings, final revisions and copy edits later I've actually logged onto my blogs to read up on all my friends and the agents and editors and the industry . . .

I've also been doing this:

And this:

And canning these:

And trying to get back to my WIP:

And catch up on 5,000 blog posts. YES, you read that right!!!

MY BRAIN IS FALLING OUT and I can't read anymore without going blind, too. See those spinning eyes - that is me alrighty!

I know I've missed some news. Please forgive me, dear friends.

I missed SCBWI LA, too!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trying to catch up here on the conference: The Official SCBWI Conference Blog

School started last week (I'm an asst coordinator for some classes so lots to do for start-up).
New baby comes this week.
Son away at college all summer comes home tomorrow for a week - yay!

With that I come full circle . . . my brain is falling out . . .

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