Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Five

1. I started taking belly dance classes again. I didn't realize how much I'd missed it! SO MUCH FUN!

2. I'm doing the 60-day Free Trial of Microsoft OneNote 2007 for organizing my new book. Does anybody out there use it??? I have questions and would love to pick someone's brain! Meanwhile, I got a character sketch done and did Plot Planning. Whoo hoo!!! I have tabs for EVERYTHING from Setting to Research to Photos to Interviews to Synopses to Editorial Correspondece to Reviews, School Visits - and Book Tours. YAY!

3. I'm still waiting for a Christmas Gift I ordered on December 13!!! Sheesh!!!

4. I was a proctor this morning for my piano student for a BYU entrance music exam. I have no doubt she will get in AND get a scholarship! She's not only an excellent pianist but a dynamite violinst. First chair in the Albuquerque Youth Symphony and has a huge 30 minute solo in a Concerto this Sunday at Popejoy Hall on UNM campus. Can't wait to hear her.

5. Last Friday I had a very fun day - lunch with the wonderful YA novelist Alexandra Flinn who was visiting Albuquerque from Miami. Here we are at Pars Cuisine, a Persian restaurant. At night they have belly dancers to accompany your meal. Ooh, lala! We also met up with two other terrific novelists from Albuquerque. Here we are by the fountain.

Me, Alexandra Flinn, Carolee Dean, Kersten Hamilton
We're so glamorous!


Hardygirl said...

I've never tried belly dancing, but we do some pretty spicy moves in zumba.

I will say, though, that all those belly dancers have that killer hourglass thing goin' on--maybe I should try it.

I've tried to use Scrivener--probably the same type of program but it's for a Mac. I found it very helpful in the beginning stages of writing, but ditched it after a had a sketchy first draft to work from.


Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Let's just say that there are a LOT of very plump, hippy belly dancers out there. Sometimes they look better than the skinny ones!

I've heard a lot of people love Scrivener and OneNote is supposed to be the Windows equivalent. I can see that it's going to be helpful to plan/organize and keep track of all the pieces of a novel, but as far as actually drafting the book where you need Word's capabilities, I think it won't be so great. Still, I'm having a bit of fun playing with it! Anything to make the work fun-ner. Ha!

So what is zumba?



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