Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fun Video!

Please feel free to just erase/ignore my last post about beautiful cool mornings because this week it's SO hot and muggy! Muggy in dry, deserty New Mexico - sheesh! But it's true. About 100 degrees every day with about 85% humidity. I have to take cold showers at night just so I can sleep. We use swamp coolers - which are terrible in humidity, of course.

Moving right along . . . tell me I'm crazy because I'm sure it's true or else the heat has gotten to me and I'm not responsible for my actions . . . BUT I now have over 100 blogs I'm keeping up with via friends on Live Journal and all the blogs I've put into my bloglines for daily reading. I'm getting carried away - literally. I feel myself going down The Mighty River of Blog Land. Nary a rock or branch in sight to save myself.

So I mostly read other authors, agents, editors, but I also have some historical stuff and I peruse a few adult romance sites since I'm writing romance (of sorts) myself - except they're YA.

I came across this video today. All the authors who have been nominated for the RITA Award (which stands for something in the romance genre, but my brain is too woozy to remember exactly WHAT.) made this and it's hysterically funny.


Candace E. Salima said...

Very funny. Sorry you're melting in New Mexico.

Colorado Writer said...

Hi and thanks for commenting on my post today.

i'm working with Lindsay Davis, a junior agent out of Steve Malk's Writers House, San Diego Office.

She's great and she's definately accepting queries. She has a page on with more info.



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