Monday, January 15, 2007

Boots to die for!

If you think Parisians or Americans wear chic boots, think again. Bulgarian boots are fab, fab, fab! Every girl over there wears them and they're tres adorable, with buckles and laces and different colors and styles. The shoe stores are tiny, you can hardly turn around in them, but when my son wanted to take home a pair of their sneakers (also very cute and not like what we have here) I decided to take the plunge even though purchasing boots wasn't in my budget - although the $$$ exchange from American to Bulgaria levas definitely works in our favor so my boots were only about $30 US dollars. I mean, how could I resist that?

My Bulgarian boots are one of my favorite souvenirs and all my girlfriends PLUS the high school girls at church think they're fantastic. Sooooo cute! I gotta get a picture posted here. I will. Soon. Promise.

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