Friday, November 09, 2012


I've been traveling out of state again (lots of travel to sick family members this year, this time my mom) and blogging is often on the back burner as well as The Writing. The Deadlines that Loom. Or Pass Me By. *Blink*

Every single day I keep telling myself that I'll make it. I usually do. It will All Be Well. Right? But sometimes the panic is hard to keep at bay, and the worries of not being able to fully immerse myself, to fully engage with the story and my characters. The worry and sorrow that I'm only giving my work part of me and not all of me like I want to - like it deserves. Like my MC Larissa Renaud deserves. I mean, she's in danger and doesn't even know it! ;-)  

The starts and stops, over and over again, on a weekly basis is tough. It's not usually how I enjoy working since I'm a fast drafter and like to *live* my stories in real time as I write the first draft. Revisions are so much easier to start and stop, pick up for 30 minutes or two hours at a time - although I don't "like" revisions as much as drafting. 

Okay, I'm whining on a Friday that's gray and our first really cold day. Weather affects my mood and my work. New Mexico usually has gorgeous sunny days, even when it's only 20 degrees outside during January, so gray and foggy is hard on me. And I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area where it was gloomy and rainy all winter! How easily I get spoiled! 

Wishing you all a weekend full of fun and hopefully, if it's on your agenda, some good writing and a good book! I have good books sitting here in piles around my bedroom and writing cottage in spades and they are awfully distracting . . . Of course, I just bought 5 new books and picked up 5 more from the library last night that have been on Hold - and me with two books I need to write! As well as a stash of 7 research books that need reading (and which I'm actually very excited to read.) 

So before my rambling is too annoying, here is today's wonderful announcement!

The winner of the signed hardcover copy of Carolee Dean's fabulous brand new novel in verse, FORGET ME NOT is . . . (let me have a drumroll please . . . thank you).

SUSAN JENSEN of BLOGGIN' 'BOUT BOOKS! If you don't follow Susan's terrific book reviews, get yourselves over there and do so. She is a *gifted* book reviewer, and I love reading them.

So pop me an email Susan and I'll get your address and get this suspenseful YA in the mail for you. 

 (And, Susan, I missed you and your daughter at CHANGING HANDS bookstore on Monday for the booksigning for Lisa and Laura Roecker and Janet Gurtler and Miranda Keneally. Such fun!)

Pictures coming . . .



Anonymous said...

CONGRATS to the winner!

Susan said...

Yay! Thanks, Kimberley. I'll email you right now.

P.S. Heather said you MIGHT be at Changing Hands. We didn't know for sure, so now I'm sad we missed you :(



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