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The Ghost Tour is Coming . . . and you don't want to miss it!

THE GHOST TOUR for my friend and crit partner Carolee Dean!!!

Begins Next Wednesday, October 3rd

right here on this blog! 

Scroll down for all the fabulous blog stops and a myriad of jewelry prizes!

Coming October 3, 2012
The FORGET ME NOT Ghost Tour.

Visit the following exciting blogs to learn about the ghosts of Raven Valley High School, get sneak peaks of the poems, and win special book themed jewelry and other prizes (available to residents in the US and Canada only).

GHOST POSTS will go live on the dates below but until then you can check out these cool blog sites.

And be sure to watch the book trailer!

October 3
The Nine Circles of Raven Valley High (Poem):
Discover the connection between the Nine Circles of Raven Valley High and Dante's Inferno-Purgatorio. Discover which ghosts live where, and why.

Blogger: Kimberley Griffiths Little
Link: Kimberley's Wanderings

Prize: Forget Me Not bracelet (by Sherri Erler)

October 5
Paranormal Activity Video:
Watch Video footage of the Girls in the Stacks as they travel to RVHS looking for ghosts.

Bloggers: Girls in the Stacks
Link: Girls in the Stacks

Prize: Raven Necklace (by Shauna Mellady)

October 8
The History of Raven Valley High:
Find out about the history of the school as a convent, military institute, and private university, and then discover why it sat vacant for ten years.

Blogger: Brenda Drake

Prize: Raven Skull Earrings (By Shauna Mellady)

October 10
Interview with Elijah McCall:
Explore his fascination with Shakespeare (he spent a month speaking in iambic pentameter) and learn why he can see ghosts.

Blogger: Elana Johnson
Link: Elana's Blog

Prize: Shakespeare Mask Necklace (by Debi Hennigan)

October 12
Exclusive interview with the Ghost of Ernest Hemingway:
Ally Cassell records her experiences in a moleskine journal, just like Ernest used to do. Find out why he's the only one she can confide in.

Blogger: Lisa Schroeder
Link: Lisa's Blog

Prize: A Hand Painted Raven Journal (by Kristen Hodges)

October 16
Poe-Pac Mash Up:
A "Raven" inspired poem Ally wrote about 2Pac as a substitute teacher.

Blogger: Damaris Cardinali
Link: Good Choice Reading

Prize: 2Pac Poster and Poem (artwork by Christopher Jochens)

October 17
Raven Mania: Learn interesting pieces of Raven Mythology. Discover the names of the ravens that belonged to Odin, the Norse god of death and poetry and find out why they were referred to as Observation and Memory.

Blogger: Heidi
Link:Open Book Society
Prize: Observation and Memory Glass Bead Necklaces (by Debi Hennigen)

October 22
Interview with main character Ally Cassell:
Find out how she ended up trapped on the hallway and her plans for getting out.

Blogger: Kari Olsen
Link: A Good Addiction

Prize: Raven Feather Book Mark (by Shauna Mellady)

And if you live in Albuquerque, please come to the book launch party:

Alamosa Books
8810 Holly Ave. NE
Albuquerque, NM
Saturday, Oct. 27
6:00-7:00 p.m.
music, food, costume contest,
raven trivia challenge, and prizes

Doesn't it sound awesome and spooky?? I mean, an interview with Hemingway and hunting for ghosts!!!

Mark your calendars! (And I've read the manuscript while Carolee was writing the book and it's FABULOUS!!! She is a rising literary rock-star!)


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