Monday, November 07, 2011

California Here I Come - and Back Again!

I recently returned from a full week of school visits in the gorgeous Bay Area where I was born and raised. Scholastic Book Clubs helped me set it all up and the reps I worked with were absolutely fantastic and awesome and wonderful! I had the best time - despite nursing a cold and sore throat. :-)

I also visited two schools in my sister's school district where she is a phenomenal teacher mentor for the district. YAY for fabulous, loving sisters - who also threw me a book party at her house!!! And I got to cheer my nephew in the football game for Homecoming! GO Kaden!

I also did a keynote speech at a Reading Association for teachers at the Railroad Book Depot in Pittsburg, a great new indie - thank you for having me!

Thank you librarians and teachers and Scholastic Book Fair peeps!!! Love you all - and thank you for loving The Healing Spell and Circle of Secrets! 

These girls were absolutely adorable! I wanted to hang out with them all day talking about books and adventures. 

We just talked and talked and talked!!!

 Very cute handmade poster!
I *love* the butterflies! Especially since I just sold a book called WHEN THE BUTTERFLIES CAME! 

The students at 5 schools wrote 2 stories in the hour we were together, the librarians had goodies and drinks to celebrate, I signed lots and lots of books and . . . A good time was had by all! Especially me!

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Donna K. Weaver said...

What a fun trip for you. Many years ago I also lived in the Bay Area. San Francisco, actually. My dad was stationed on Treasure Island. We went to school in San Fran and church in Oakland by the Temple (well, until the ward we were supposed to attending discovered us and insisted). Yikes. We had to drive through the red light district to get to the church. You can just imagine what the parents who carpooled to Mutual said. "Now, everyone, close your eyes!"

I finished Circle of Secrets last night, and I LOVED it! Well, done.



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