Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A new blog by a very cool librarian!

Over this past year, I've become friends with Rebecca Donnelly, children's librarian at the beautiful new public library in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.

Rebecca knows books! She reads everything that comes into the library and does all the ordering, too.

I first met Rebecca at our local SCBWI monthly schmooze, which are very fun meetings where all of us New Mexico writers schmooze and chat and visit and have pizza for dinner beforehand - but we also discuss lots of very cool writing and book-related topics each month as led by our Schmoozinator, Brian Herrera, UNM professor.

Rebecca is a regular now, and I hear a little rumor that she's also dabbling in - *gasp* - writing her first novel - but you didn't hear it from me. . . .

Since we hold our Schmoozes at Albuquerque's newest indie children's bookstore, Alamosa Books, she sometimes brings her offspring to read and peruse the shelves while all of us writers talk, talk, talk. Sometimes that's all adults want to DO - especially writer adults!

Here is Rebecca's brand-spanking-new blog: The Chained Library. It even has a very cool comic strip header: 


The Chained Library

Because books are where it's at (and I want them to stay there)

Go check it out and put The Chained Library on your blogroll. Rebecca has lots of great stuff planned for the future - and where else can you pick a librarian's brain incognito!


Rebecca Donnelly said...

Thanks for the mention, Kimberley! Although I think you're too kind--I don't read everything that comes in. Just, like, 97% of it. Not that I want to perpetuate the myth that librarians are just people who sit around and read all day. We also listen to audiobooks.

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