Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Wow, I'm lucky!

I won another ARC on Goodreads! Amazing. Especially when there are thousands of entries.

Can't wait to read this, it just came in the mail!!!

LOVE this cover!!! So delicious and spooky and intriguing!
And what does the red ribbon wrapped around her arm mean???

The author, Nova, has the most unusual name. I've been wondering how/where she got that name . . . anyone know her? Anyone read this yet? What do you think? 


Donna Weaver said...

Congrats on the win. You'll have to review this for us.

Donea Lee said...

I think I seriously need to start frequenting Goodreads or something!!! :) Congrats - I hope it's a story you thoroughly enjoy!

Donea Lee said...
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Amie Borst said...

i know Nova. we went to high school together. the reservoir she writes about in this story was the same reservoir that was inspiration for my YA novel, The Reservoir (yes, quite the original name, LOL)



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