Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Spookiness!

I have been a very good girl - I haven't eaten any Halloween candy this week - yet!

Of course, that means *nothing* as I'm sure I'll be inhaling it over the weekend and applying it directly to my thighs and stomach.

Go read this very Spooky Story by
[info]mguibord : The Rustling of Dead Things

Go Watch
[info]lindsey_leavitt's spooky Halloween video about the ghost story she wrote and illustrated when she was only 10! Delivering the Spook I wrote one when I was 10 and made it into a book, but I don't have it, unfortunately, and I have no idea what happened to it. Maybe a spirit spirited it away . . .

Go here to enter a very spooky contest by [info]lisa_schroeder
Trick or Treat!

My own ghostly experience in a cemetery in Natchez Mississippi! Click the link to see the pics and read the caption stories in which I spill all!

If you have a Halloween story please share in the comments with a link so we can all feel deliciously tingly!

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