Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Just, um, Wow.

Wow, it's December already. Big breath here.

I've done nothing, absolutely NOTHING yet about Christmas. This happens to me every year. December hits as I'm frantically revising a novel and I have 3 weeks to do ALL the shopping, ALL the decorating, ALL the long-distance mailing, ALL the Christmas cards, ALL the baking, ALL the parties and church events, YOU NAME IT - I STILL GOTTA DO IT!!!

And I'm way behind on some promised emails . . . and I have my Classic Book Club this week . . . and the doctor . . . and a wedding . . .

And I came home from Arizona to 375 Bloglines to read and 12 pages of LJ Friends . . . Becky's Book Reviews had 24 posts alone! How does she do that in 4 days and still cook a turkey??? That's what I want to know. So spill it, Becky!


The Albuquerque Public Schools has invited A WHOLE SLEW of local children's/YA authors come TODAY to the Albuquerque Museum for a "Meet and Greet and Get to Know the Author Afternoon. Officially called Author Illustrator Winter Fest!

Come on down and see my books and what I do for school/library visits and chat and have some holiday goodies. I was invited last year and it was way fun.

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 3, 2008, 2:00 - 3:30 p.m. Albuquerque Museum, 2000 Mountain Road.


Hardygirl said...

Whew! Okay, you just made me really tired. I'm going to sip some eggnog.

Good luck with getting it all done!

Kerri said...

You have a lot on your plate. Wish I could come and meet you, in the warmth and sun, but, alas, I'm here in the cold country. Have a great time!



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