Friday, September 05, 2008

In Celebration of my Agent Signing!

Hi gang,

I'm still running around playing catch up after a wild August and I need to go spend a few hours up in Albuquerque this afternoon taking care of *business* so my post on "How I Came to Sign with The Adams Literary Agency" will appear on Monday. (Because weekends are tough for blogging). And I need to write a bio for the agency website and take a photo to send to Tracey, which is going to take some time. I have a first draft written, Tracey - in case you're reading this! Gulp.

But I gotta keep the partying goin'!!!

I've never done this before and it's high time I did so . . . to celebrate my agent signing, I'm going to do a giveaway of my YA, THE LAST SNAKE RUNNER pictured here.

The book in hardcover is shiny and has gorgeous cover art by the internationally famous artist, Joel Nakamura. The story is time travel and exciting and dangerous and there's a love story. And it's based on actual events from 1599, too!

All you have to do is post a comment and tell us something you love about your agent - and if you're not agented tell us something you're hoping for in your agent-to-be!

Feel free to link to my journal and spread the word. Announcements on your journals/blogs will automatically enter your name twice!

A *second* copy of THE LAST SNAKE RUNNER will be given away on my mirror blog as well! Whoo hoo!!!

Deadline: Tuesday, September 9th at midnight!!!

Have a happy weekend!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your agent signing! That's going to lead to big things for you! I'd love to win this copy of your book. It sounds like it will be a super fun read!

Ruby (Mouth) said...

This books sounds great. I would love a chance to read it. Congrats on you agent signing.

Sarah Blake Johnson said...

Congrats on signing with Tracy!

What I'm hoping for in my future agent: someone who is with me for a long, prolific career and who encourages me to use what I'm learning in my MFA so each book is better than the previous one.



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