Saturday, August 30, 2008

A little news

We're taking off at the crack of dawn to take my son back up to BYU, and I'm madly packing and falling over with exhaustion from a wild week AND I have good news, but I'm going to spill next week when I have more than 10 seconds to write a blog. So stay tuned - and have a great Labor Day weekend!

Okay, here's a nugget:

Good stuff on the movie front: I have a new idea for a murder thriller film based on a true story from 1967 that happened right here in my own little town on Route 66 - and the movie producer is very excited about it and cannot wait to see it! I've been researching, figuring out characters, and trying to finish up a short treatment to send to him when I return from the wilds of Utah. It's going to be a cross between No Country for Old Men and Chinatown! How about that?!

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