Monday, January 07, 2008

Happy, Um, Everything!

Hi guys and girls . . . Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Christmas, Happy New Year!
I can't believe it's been 6 weeks since I posted. No, make that 7. I am SOOOO bad. But I have to say that I have missed y'all.

I've had three bouts of illness, out of town school visits, an Author Fest, a trip to California to visit my darling sister and her family for a week (it's been 8 years since my whole family saw her whole family at the same time - needless to say we had a fabulous Christmas together and a blast except my mom fell in the kitchen and sprained several body parts and had a horrendous toothache the whole time and went back to Phoenix for a root canal), then I came home 10 days ago to stomach flu and eye surgery and the news that my 19 year old son wants to marry his girlfriend.

I'm numb.
And my eye hurts. Like there's stuff in it - eyelashes and sand. It really bugs.
And I haven't written or revised anything in two months even though I have three projects waiting for my attention.

Good things: it was sunny in the Bay Area during the Christmas week. So unusual. No rain or fog. It was great.
I also realized how much I've missed the ocean and walking on the Golden Gate and eating at Fenton's. And I realized how much I've missed all my relatives. We got together on Christmas Eve at my aunt's house for dinner and a Christmas program - my sister and I even sang the Christmas duet, "Star Bright", that we used to sing as teenagers and my youngest brother accompanied us on his guitar and we also got to see his adorable twin boys Kohner and Kyler. Soooo cute!!!! And huggable. Even though I may have picked up the stomach thing from them. Still, they're absolutely worth it. My aunts and uncles told funny stories about my dad (who was killed in an airplane crash when I was 14 just a few days before Christmas) and it was so great. I told them how much I appreciated hearing those stories, and it made me weepy, but what's Christmas and family for?

Now I'm trying to breeze through everyone's blogs, but I think it will take 40 hours to read everything from the last 2 months. Sorry, but I don't think that's gonna happen! But I think y'all will forgive me, right?

Hope your New Year has started well!

TTFN - and More Later!

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