Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pioneer Woman!

Whew, boy! I'm leaving at 6 a.m. tomorrow morning for a wilderness pioneer re-enactment trek. Am I a sucker for punishment - or just blessed with the adventurous spirit as my pioneer forebears? Think I'll tell myself it's the latter.

We're going with a group of about 150 including the teenagers from church, pulling handcarts, and wearing 1850's dress. Thirty miles on foot with only a 5 gallon bucket with all our stuff. Yep, that's all under and outer and sleeping clothing, toiletries, jacket, rain poncho, flashlight, chapstick, sunscreen, first aid, T.P., towel, wet wipes, sunglasses, the works - in 1 five gallon bucket. With a lid, you've got an instant stool for the campfire. Another bag holds bedding, blanket, pillow.

We've been getting tons of rain this month which is really unusual so I'm praying for sunshine. As long as I'm praying I'll ask for NO 95 degree weather either.

I'll let you know if I survive the trip. I'm going as Ann Roberts Griffiths, my ancestor who left Wales in 1843 as a newlywed of 13 days with her husband Joseph and traveled from Liverpool all the way to New Orleans and then up the Mississippi to Illinois. From there she traveled 1300 miles across the western prairies to a new home.

I can't even imagine doing that NOW, let alone THEN. She's my hero. And we have practically the same name. My middle name is Anne and my maiden name is Griffiths so direct descendant here.

So back to packing. I just emailed three chapters and brand new detailed synopsis (written this weekend) off to another agent who requested my novel, Secret Rites of the Goddess. She even called my idea *brilliant* - so I'm just a teensy, weensy bit psyched!


Janette Rallison said...

I have never gone on one of these and count myself lucky. I just can't picture myself plucking a chicken. Give me a hot dog on a stick any day.

Jean said...

Do you happen to have the history of Ann Roberts Griffiths. I, too, am a descendant of this wonderful pioneer and would love to know more about her. Treks are the most incredible experiemce of your life. I have gone as a Ma two times and loved them both.



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