Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Long Time No Blog

Hobbs was GREAT! Warm, wonderful, dedicated librarians, teachers, parents - and kids! Yay to all the great people I met and the fantastic writing the students did during The Creative Diary workshop! They wrote their darling hearts out while lunch was cooking in the background in the cafeteria kitchens and their stomachs were rumbling. A big thanks as well to the Powells who graciously hosted my husband and I in their home and then wrote about my visit on the teacher's listserve - which netted me a couple more school invites from other parts of the state. Fabulous.

Came home to a frenetic homelife and a funeral and a friend moving away and a story to revise for Cricket Magazine ("Rattlesnake Rain") as well as trying to get my head back into Secret Rites . . .

What's the secret to my time travel dilemma? Meditation, a good night's sleep, and sticking my derriere in the desk chair!

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