Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Graphic *Teaser* #2 for THE TIME OF THE FIREFLIES

Book Launch day yesterday was wonderful! It's such a thrill to receive congratulations, kudos, and best wishes from friends and family around the country. Thank you so much!

I also celebrated by having a Twitter Party for the first time, a spur of the moment decision, with a prize-winner receiving a finished hardcover copy of Fireflies. It was loads of fun! 

Larissa, my main character lives in an antique store in Bayou Bridge (a renovated old house), a small town in the swamps and bayous of Louisiana. Her parents are struggling to stay afloat and the business is never-ending stress. It's a strange place to live and Larissa gets creeped out by some of the old objects - especially the doll cases filled with staring dolls - and *especially* after it gets dark. :-)

The Launch Party Giveaway ends Thursday at Midnight! Hurry and enter: The Time of the Fireflies is Zipping Your Way! 

Stay Tuned for tomorrow's delicious teaser! 


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