Wednesday, February 05, 2014

We have Our January Debut Year 2014 Celebration WINNER!!!

All of you lovelies wrote such nice things in the comments about FORBIDDEN these past two weeks and added the book to Goodreads and signed up for my newsletter. You're awesome and I was so touched! 
(If you didn't get a chance to sign up, here is the link again: Kimberley's Amazing Newsletter Coming Soon! :-)

Our winner for the January Celebration of my YA Debut Year 2014 will receive a beautiful veil, a pair of Middle Eastern style earrings and a Young Adult book of your choice! It does *not* have to be one of these books, although it can be! These were just examples . . . tell me what book you've been dying to read/own and you'll get it!

And the Winner is . . . 

Please contact me at and I'll mail your prizes!
Don't forget to choose the YA book of *your* choice! 
 ***More News***

Stay Tuned for THE COVER REVEAL OF FORBIDDEN on February 13th on YA Books Central and a few other Very Cool Blogs between February 14-16!!! 

Yes, you heard that right, FORBIDDEN has cover art! It's stunning and dramatic and perfect. I just saw the full wrap today and ohmygoodness knock-me-over-with-a-feather it's dramatic inside and out! Harpercollins has done some very unique things for it.

And 6-8 blogs will each host unique and marvelous Giveaways during February and into March so you'll have plenty of time to enter!!! 


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CONGRATS to the winner!



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