Friday, February 01, 2013

I'm off to the Montgomery County Book Festival in Houston in, oh, about 30 minutes - whoo hoo!

Check out their amazing blog link below, interviews with all the authors who will be attending and talking to about 1,000 teens and tweeners. (Yes, I'm on the Tweener panel). List of authors on the right side.

The librarians putting on this simply AMAZING conference are treating us fantastic. Dinner tonight for all the authors, personal chauffeurs, a full day of fun activities, speakers, panels, book signings, and I hear the rumor ZOMBIES ARE COMING!!! Just in time for the release of that zombie movie this weekend . . . 

Here's my page with my interview: 

Have a fun and inspiring weekend! Ta, ta for now! 

Pictures next week and more travel and news!

Happy Weekend!


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Caroline Starr Rose said...

Enjoy yourself! That photo looks otherworldly. Are you REALLY going somewhere, or is this pretend? ;)



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