Monday, January 16, 2012

Books have a life of their own and here's proof!!

Allo from Milly again! 

Kimberley is in the slightly awkward place of being in the middle of just enough to do and almost Too Much so I decided to Hijack her Blog again and post some of the Fun Book Awesomeness that has lately invaded my inner thoughts.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Kindles are Taking Over the World!!

"How?" do you ask? Well, let me tell you . . .

While on the search for cheap textbooks for a family member I found the exact textbook I was looking for in e-book version on Amazon for $5. 

My mind went, $5.00!!!! No freakin way, its a scam! It's a 30 second rental! It's a Trojan Virus disguised as a ridiculously cheap text book! 

But no, it's an actual textbook that for "special reasons", which I think translates to "about to be reprinted as a NEW edition", the book is discounted through Amazon for the Kindle version ONLY. 

Well, being a poor college student who has very little extra money (except for when it comes to my addiction to Manga) I wondered if it would be worth it to purchase a cheap kindle for the purpose of school books. It also didn't hurt that the hard cover textbook in a "USED" version would have been the same price as the cheap kindle and the e-book together. 

Well, Low and Behold, no sooner had the thought crossed my mind that I might have to give up my Sailor Moon for a little bit, Amazon posted a flashy widget saying that you can now read Kindle books on your computer, Mac, or Android device! 

In a "Hallelujah" rush I downloaded the program onto my husband's laptop and Low and Behold, I now have a Kindle! 

Needless to say, I bought the textbook and in the joy of having a basically "Free" kindle I proceeded to buy some e-books that may have been burning an imaginary hole in my bank account. 

So if any of you are as "old" as I am and remember some of those old previews and commercials in which the narrator would say, "They're coming at you from the left, they're coming at you from the right, They're coming at you from the Refrigerator!!" Then this is an especially appropriate time. Be warned!!! They're coming at you from the Microwave!!!! 

Kindle is taking over all the electronics in your House!!!!  BUM, Bum, bum!

And now back to your Regularly scheduled program.... I mean Blogging!

So as somebody who on a regular occasion has more time than she knows what to do with I regularly surf the internet for things to entertain my cute little weird imagination and I came across the first best viral video of the year! Please note that as an Avid Reader and despite being a new "kinda" Kindle owner, I still love and adore the feeling of a New Hardcover Book.

So while I will read Kindle e-versions of books I will always prefer a hardcover book instead! This below is an awesome reason why Hardcover books will hopefully NEVER disappear.
 The Joy of Books

 Try Doing That with a Kindle!

See You Next Time when I hack a blog again ;)


(Me and my Very Cute Husband!)


Donna K. Weaver said...

Love the picture! And I would also love to see more cheap text ebooks available. I'm sorry, but the college textbook market is a serious racket.

I stole that video link from Kimberley and talked about the last comment in it on my blog today. lol

Kristina said...

Yay Milly! And welcome to the 21st century! I got to say that to Seth the other day when I taught him how to use iTunes. For real, he's had his ipod for like 2 years and still didn't know how to use iTunes

I've been falling in love with ebooks lately, especially all the free kindle books on amazon, or "checking out" ebooks from the library. But I agree that ebooks can never really replace real books. It's sad to see people starting to consider books "clutter." I'll always love my books and I'm still adamant about having a library in my house someday (and not just a digital one).

PS love that picture of you and Adam



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