Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday!

1. I'm thankful I still have babies in the house to hug and smooch on! 

2. I'm thankful I have a FAB new writing project to day dream about - in 5 minute increments. (Ha, ha - see previous posts). 

3. I'm thankful for a fabulously supportive husband. I sprung him with a life-long dream last night. My very own writing cottage like this: Isn't it absolutely divine!!! I am droolling big time and I already have it all planned out and decorated. My husband didn't laugh or scoff at all, but actually considered it. He keeps asking me what I want for my birthday which is coming up on Sunday and I give him various ideas and then last night I said: "So I finally figured out what I REALLY WANT FOR MY BIRTHDAY. A WRITING COTTAGE! 

4. I'm thankful for the blessing it's been to work with the wonderful and fabulous people at Scholastic: Lisa, my Gorgeous Editor, Mandee, my Publicisit Extraordinaire, Marc Tauss, Extremely Talented Artist, Brilliant Book Designer Marijka Kostiw. Thank you to the publishers who loved my little story and for all the support and love! 

5. I'm thankful that THIS SUNDAY marks a very important and LONG AWAITED day. Ages and eons ago, my editor told me that I could share the jacket art for THE HEALING SPELL between 4-5 months before publication and this Sunday will be EXACTLY the 4.5 month mark until July 1 - unless my math is wrong -  so I figure I'm safe. (Hi Lisa and Mandee if you're reading this! Yes, I feel slightly rebellious). 

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