Tuesday, April 21, 2009

SCBWI New Mexico Handsprings Conference 2009

We had a fabulous conference this last weekend! One of our best in a couple of years. The visiting agent, Chris Richman from Firebrand Literary and Ruta Rimas, asst editor from Balzer and Bray imprint were fun and fantastic and well prepared. (Hit the link for a FAB interview with Ruta - she is WAY FUN and KNOWS YA).

It was Chris Richman's VERY FIRST conference and he did great. He was funny and friendly and gave some of my friends very encouraging critiques on their work. YAY!

Here are a few pics. I actually remembered to bring my camera! Course it's my NEW SPIFFY LUMIX camera I was tellin' y'all about a few days ago . . . how could I possibly leave it at home?!

Me and Lauren Bjorkman who is a member of the Class of 2009 with her book, MY INVENTED LIFE

Here is upcoming writer, Kris Conover, who is way fun and you can see me laughing at what she just said. (Are you working on your revision, Kris???)

Carolee Dean and moi! [info]caroleedean blogged about the conference, too.
She was a presenter and is a good friend and critique partner. Her new YA, THE ROAD TO HUNTSVILLE, will be out in 2010 with S&S!!!

Shirley-Raye Redmond just sold her 21st book!!!
Her Random House Step-into-Reading books have sold about 200,000 copies!!!

Kersten Hamilton during her presentation on characters - showing off new tennies! Both [info]caroleedean and I caught Kersten's glowing shoe laces in our photos. We must have *magic* cameras . . .

Why, here is Carolee's MAGIC CAMERA RIGHT HERE!!!

A good time was had by all!!!


Katie said...

Wow! How fun!

Lauren Bjorkman said...

It was so fun! I especially like the last picture, with the dueling cameras!



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