Thursday, April 10, 2008

Book Giveaways this Week!

Go to Author2Author to post a comment and win a great YA novel! Be sure you sign up to read the wonderful posts about writing and publishing, too.

Today's book: FRENCH KISSES by Aimee Friedman.

I'm writing a book set in Paris on a class trip about Sasha who misses her bus and gets stuck for 24 hours without her tour group in a city where she can barely speak the language. But she meets Jean-Paul and is mesmerized by a boatload of decadent pastries. So what about Matthew, her boyfriend back home in New York? Is destiny pulling her in a totally different direction? In a Paris Minute. Life can change in a minute. On the turn of a dime. Or in the seconds it takes to miss your tour bus.

See how much I NEED to read this book? It's called RESEARCH.

Fingers and toes and eyes crossed that I will be the winner. Hear my plea, oh Universe . . .


Janette Rallison said...

Hi Kimberley,
I won't be up this year. She's flying down. Sorry to have missed you!

Anne Bradshaw said...

You sound like such a fun person to meet, Kimberley. So sorry I won't be there this week. Next time, hopefully.



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