Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!

I got home from teaching my class this morning, peeled off my dress and the nylons and heels - and discovered two boxes of pecan/caramel turtles and chocolate truffles sitting on my desk chair waiting for me. And a beautiful card from my darling husband with a personal note that made me cry. He is so perfect! I'm feeling very blessed today. It's always a doubly special day, too, not only is it Sweetheart's Day, but it's my birthday as well.

So I'm forgetting about being another year older and thinking about being loved instead. Hope you are, too.

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April's Blog said...

Hi Kimberley! It's been a while since Writefest, but I still think about you. Hope everything is well. I just created a website and a blog (finally) so I thought I'd stop by. BTW I love the title of your new novel!



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